Frequently asked questions

What is the Capture the Moment package?

This package is good for Instagram when people are on their feed. The target audience is usually scrolling down with no sound. You want a video to capture their eye so they will stop and look. This package is 30 seconds long. All paid packages is for a completed video.

What is Take a Look package?

This package is excellent for promoting your business with a glance at your product or service creating a want for more knowledge about it. You can get 31 seconds to 2-minute long video to build the desire for your business. At the end of the video supply where to go for detailed information. All paid packages is for a completed video.

What is Tell Your Story package?

This package is the best for explaining your product or service. This video should promote, inspire, and maybe even educate your customer. This video is beyond 2 minutes with a limit of 4 minutes without buying extra time. This package works well for YouTube channels or instructional videos.

What is the difference between the voice over included in a package than purchasing it alone?

A voice over in a package you can combine overlay written content and voice-over. You can pick written content and voice over equaling the word script limitations in the package. You can also choose one over the other it's up to you.
A purchase with just a voice over will only provide a professional edit in High-Quality MP3 or WAV file. Any background music or beyond the standard limitations of the script words will be an additional charge. Any voice over created by Beth Zip Storytime LLC if used in advertising your product or service in paid broadcasting channels, like Radio, TV, and Internet needs to pay the full broadcast commercial rights. If found using the voice over without initial payment for the broadcast commercial rights will be subjected to pay $300 fine which will be due immediately. You agree to these terms when purchasing any voice over produced by Beth Zip Storytime LLC.

Do you make videos for more than one social media?

Yes. All the packages can be used for all social media.

Are all of your video packages a set price?

No. Call to discuss custom pricing if you need something less then the basic or more the highest package. All custom videos will be invoiced with the approved pricing.

Can you make a video if I have little to no video footage?

Yes. I can use stock video and photos to make you an original promotional video. I can include your logo or the face of the company to the stock video or picture. I would not advise using only stock video or photos if you have a brick and mortar. For example, if you have a flower shop your customers want to see your shop. I would advise having footage of your business and then I can fill in the rest.

What kind of background music do you use?

I use royalty free background music from my collection. Royalty-Free music means a type of music licensing that allows the purchaser to pay for the music license only once and to use the music for as long as desired. I have obtained that license on behave of all my clients so they don't have to worry about copyright infringements. The license number is available upon request.

What kind of video or voice over do you produce?

Family friendly, business, and commercial type. Absolutely no erotic or adult content. All paid packages is for a completed video or voice over.

How does this work?

I create a unique video promotion for your company rather than the copy/paste style that has been seen already. You can use this video on your social media or website. According to several researched statistics in 2018, the highest form of marketing is social media. Start your marketing with Beth Zip Storytime LLC to get more exposure and take your business to the next level.

What is stock photo or video?

Stock photo or video is a collection of actors or models doing a pre-made action. Hiring actors or models can get expensive. The stock collection keeps the budget at a low cost for you. I use royalty free video and/or pictures from my collection.

Do you provide on-site filming?

I only provide filming services with my packages in Palm Beach County to Miami. The"Capture the Moment" package comes with one hour. The "Take a Look" package comes with two hours and 30 minutes. The "Tell Your Story" package comes with four hours. Any additional hour over the package time will cost you $50 hourly. If you would like my filming services outside of Palm Beach County it will cost a mileage fee starting from the Palm Beach County line to your location. You must schedule an approved appointment for on-site filming services.

Do you edit the videos? Is that included in the package?

Absolutely! I have a professional editing software I use for all the videos I produce. Editing is included in all my filming packaging. If you go over the editing packages time an additional $65 will be add for every hour.

When does the delivery time start?

Delivery time of the video starts when I have everything I need from you to complete the video. For example, if you would like to add a logo, pictures, and do onsite filming in South Florida once received and completed I would start the next business day.

How does drone videography work?

As a licensed remote pilot in command, it is my job to follow all the guidelines and authorization rules. By following those rules there is research that goes in before preflight and obtaining maintenance to the drone. I will assure you by doing those main things I will be able to deliver amazing quality not only in the video but also maintain the proper procedures to avoid unnecessary fines.

Why is it important to hire a licenced remote PIC with a part 107 sUAS?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) licenses commercial drone pilots for unmanned aircrafts. This license is called a Remote Pilot Certificate and ensures the pilot understands the rules of use. Along with basic safe flying practices, drone pilots must understand the flight height requirements and where they can and cannot fly. Beth Zip Storytime is not only the pilot legally responsible for the safety of the drone use, but the person who hires them as well. This person will have the assurance of avoiding fines, property liability, and privacy rights violations. One can eliminate the risk of drone use and ensure they have some beautiful results.

What kind of drone do you fly for capturing video and images?

DJI Mavic Air 2. It's a powerful aerial camera with intelligent shooting modes for stunning results for both video and photo .

What is the Sky Wedding Package?

This package is excellent for an outdoor, destination, or beach wedding ceremony. The loving bride and groom can show off their wedding with aerial cinematic views. You can get up to a 3-minute long, breathtaking video showing before, during, and after the ceremony. The ceremony is about the bride & groom, why not save those memories in a dynamic way? All paid packages is for a completed video.

What happens if I go over my package revisions?

You need approval from Beth Zip Storytime's owner and pay an additional cost of $65 or more depending on what the edits are going to be. If you receive a completed copy with no watermark and want a revision it will cost $100 or more depending on the edits.

How to purchase the Sky Wedding package and reserve a date?

As a licensed remote pilot it is my responsibility to see if there are any restrictions on flying. I will need the ceremony contact information to check if there are any restrictions in that area. For example, if it's a hotel but it's near an airport I would need to get authorization in advance. If the city or the ceremony venue may have their own rules I would check that as well. After I discover that permission to fly is allowed by sumbitting the appropriate authorizations in advance I will then reserve your wedding date. A $100 deposit is required after I found out I'm clear to fly with the appropriate authorization and will need the full amount a month before the wedding date.

What are the Video Editing packages?

These packages have similar inclusive perks but do not include filming. The benefit of these packages is that it can be done remotely and includes longer video times. You can send your video to me which I will instruct you on what would look best when putting your professional edited video together. All paid packages is for a completed video.

If I wanted to do a remote Video Editing package what kind of quality camera would I need?

Believe it or not but your phone may already have the HD or 4K quality I would need. No need to go and get an expensive camera! Always film in landscape mode, in great lighting, and the highest quality. Call me for details about what I can use to include in your video. I can also send an instruction video on your particular phone or camera.

What does it mean to be Small Business Certified?

By law it is required for a big companies contracted by the government to purchase services from small businesses. The government offers big business an insentive for hiring a smaller company to assist with their project. Beth Zip Storytime mets those requirements and is currently certified.

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